TRIO Customer Relationship Management (TCRM)-Building A Network For The Smartest People

Our TRIO Customer Relationship Management (TCRM) software is a technology that helps to track contacts and nurture them to build customer loyalty and repeat sales, encompassing all essential CRM & Lead Management Features promoting business growth and its subsequent expansion through compilation of data including a company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials, social media. TCRM automatically distributes sales leads in roundabout methods and make sure your leads are assigned to the right sales executives at the right time. Our user-friendly mobile apps help sales executives to address the leads when they’re on the field and gives daily reports in one single click, thereby responding to our customer faster, enhancing sales follow-ups, focusing more on valuable customers, converting more leads, and entering them into repeated buyers.

"It is not your Customers job to remember you. It is your Obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.

TRIO embodies the following CRM features to eye for:

  • Team Dashboard

    TCRM has graphical user interface providing at-a-glance view of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to our business process.

  • My Dashboard

    It provides a broad overview of sales activity and KPIs, including leads and deals, sales pipelines, KPIs, and recent and upcoming activities like:

    • Open Enquiries- This section of TRIO CRM reads open documents such as sales orders.
    • Open Quotations- We have sales quotation of potential buyers relating to how much goods or services will cost before purchase.
    • Contacts- Our dashboard displays the number of contacts, prospects contacted with, and revenue forecast.
    • Open Tasks- We summarize list of tasks with pending status on the dashboard, create reminders in your customer accounts.


    Shares files, locations, calendar items, tasks, and more.

    • Today’s Quotation Follow-ups-We have provisions where follow-up on daily bases is recorded, keeping the line of communication open between us & prospect.
    • Overdue Enquiry Follow-ups-We do follow up enquiries of customers that are overdue.
    • Overdue Quotation Followups-We have follow-ups of pending quotations.
    • Overdue Tasks-This section takes notes of the status of tasks which has lapsed and hasn’t been completed, though temporarily.
    • Today’s Enquiry Followups-We have follow-ups of customer related queries every single day.
    • Today’s Completed Enquiry Followups-This enabled features keep a track of all the customer enquiries completed on a day-to-day basis.

  • DSR Dashboard-Our Demand Signal Repository(DSR):

    This enables a business user without technical knowledge to identify what products are selling, where they are selling best or worst and how often they are being sold.

  • Accounts Dashboard-

    We have Accounts Dashboards where we convert accounts to pipeline more effectively, showing you how to create a basic account-based dashboard for sales.

    1. CEO Dashboard

      CEO dashboard makes the executive team track easily the company’s performance in sales and marketing in real time.

      • Enquiry Dashboard- This enabled feature helps you with thenumber of pending activities for the current day.
      • Quotation Dashboard- This section provides an overview of the number of quotes and orders from the current month, last month, and preceding months.
      • Sales Dashboard - This features helps the executives and managers to effectively control sales KPIs and monitor them in one central place while helping teams to reach sales goals through detailed analyses of sales performance, cycle lengths, and sales funnels.
      • Representative Dashboard - With this feature the sales representatives can track their individual performances including report for key metrics like meetings, booked, open opportunities, the number of deals in their pipeline, forecasted revenue, and other performance indicators.
      • Representative Performance - This section includes review of performance, evaluation, development discussion, of representatives/employees & appraisals beneficial in the long run.
      • Target Settings- This module has the provision of giving people targets to achieve ensuring that every employee’s contribution fits into the overall objectives of our services.
    2. Enquiry
      • Enquiry Stages- This features has enquiries based on New Customers and Regular ones.
      • Enquiry Analysis- We analyze data about customers, provides estimations and enquiries and based on that, we have segregated our enquiry assessment into Lost, Won, Pending, Closed, Open, out of Total cases.
        • Media wise Enquiry- In our software we have Media wise Enquiry feature which includes customers and relevant prospect enquires on various platforms like Google, Direct Call, India mart, Missed Call, Business WhatsApp, IVR Call, Just Dial etc.
    3. Quotations- We designa formal offer for products or service with set prices, with online payment options for accepted quotes being easily available.
    4. Task- We have our TCRM designed such where reminders are set in customers details and then is synchronized with our calendar along with this the assignment of tasks is done to our efficient teams, and an email reminder is send.
    5. Attendance- We have software which manages employee attendance more efficiently, generates insightful reports, regularize attendance, and empower our remote employees to check in from any part of the world.
    6. Products- Our products or services produced, marketed, licensed, sold, distributed or performed by or on behalf of our company or any subsidiary, is always customer or user-friendly.
    7. Sales- Our application always ensure that the sales or proceeds our company generates from selling goods or services to its new customers and the existing ones, cater to their benefits generating future revenue.
    8. Purchase- This module enables the customers/buyers to purchase our product or services by paying a predetermined amount of money for a successful transaction. This includes :
      • Purchase Order- This includes purchase order issued by a buyer to a seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.
      • Purchase Return- We have the policy of purchase return which occurs when the buyer of merchandise, inventory, fixed assets, or other items sends these goods back to the seller.
    9. Service-
      • Tele Calling- We provide the service of talking to customers over the phone and address issues, building rapport with customers/clients and initiate business prospect.
      • Complaint Management System- Customer complaint management system allows you to gather all incoming customer complaints in a help desk dashboard. Your agents can easily assign, categorize, and resolve these complaints and ensure customers can have a seamless support experience. The tool offers robust ticket management features for keeping a firm track of all customer grievances.

        AMC - AMC Management module will help small and medium scale companies to manage complete record of their Annual Maintenance Contract. AMC Reporter will provide concise details of all AMC dues, AMCs completed and those that need to be renewed. AMC Reporter will also function as customer relationship management software that will provide a summary of complaints, warranties, email as well as call and SMS related to your customer.AMC Track Recorder, AMC Expiry Reminder, Payment Reminder, Email Sender, Letter Mail Merge, SMS Sender, Call Management, Smart Search, Smart Reports with Chart, User Management etc.
        We have Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), offered by manufacturers and sales, relating to buyers and the suppliers.

      • Ticket- We offer ticket, any issue raised by a customer in a support helpdesk to take care of.
    10. Accounting- We have software that helps accountants, tax professionals, and bookkeepersto manage both client data and relationships.
    11. Integration- We provides seamless integration between Management software and third-party applications on a unified platform, resulting in automated actions.

      Website Enquiry -

      We provide website enquiry form or contact form, an interactive page where users fill out particular fields. It includes:
      • India MART- We do integrate the marketing platforms like India MART, connecting buyers with suppliers, thereby looking to improve sales conversions by increasing sales ,team productivity by 100% and get more returns on investments.
      • Just dial- We incorporates Justdial another marketing platform, providing local search for different services in India over the phone, website and mobile apps, thereby automatically capturing leads without any manual efforts, with prospects receiving Unique Selling Proposition (USP) messages via email, SMS.
      • Trade India- We also incorporate Trade India just like India Mart and Just Dial marketing platforms to the customers’ benefits and the subsequent revenue generation.
      • Any many more lead & online tender portals which can be integrated through their respective API s
      • IVR & Cloud Telephony - We have Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a technology that lets business automate customer interactions in both inbound and outbound calls via pre-recorded voice messages & Text to Speech technology, working on DTMF input entered by the customer. With IVR, we interact with callers & route calls to agents when required thereby generating more leads via rapid iteration process, enhancing brand image by enabling callers to talk to experts, managing large call volumes automatically at a single time, and forwarding all customers calls to agents’ mobile number and landlines to manage business calls from any part of the world. Our IVR-enabled features include Multi-lingual Support, 24*7 Customer Support, Call Routing, Customizable Menu, Concurrent Calls, and Call Recording.
      • MIS Reports- We provide summaries of performance metrics relevant to the role of each team member to improve our sales and marketing campaigns, and to make smarter, data-backed business.
        It comprises of Enquiries, Quotation- Inventory- Accounting- Followups- Appointments- and many MIS reports which will help management to track ,set and achieve organization goals.