HIMS (Hospital Information Management Software) is Web-based software which is first of its kind, as it comes with Complete computerization for any Big or Small Corporate Hospitals. Suitable for both all Specialty Doctors to configure the application as per their needs. Each module of HIMS is customization to Doctor’s Requirements and workflow needs.

Trio Corporation Pvt Ltd is an IT-Healthcare company headquartered in Pune ,Maharashtra , India having good national presence with offices & support centers in Mumbai, Gujarat etc.

With the prime expertise in web-based Hospital Management Information System.(HMIS), we are the leaders in the following fields:

  • Telemedicine Solution
  • Teleradiology Solution
  • Homecare Solution
  • Rural Health
  • Express ECG

Our Unique Selling Points (USP):

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are the only Health IT Company which provides HMIS in association with Telemedicine, Tele radiology, Tele consultation and Community Healthcare/Public Healthcare /Homecare /Medical Camp on a single platform.

We maintain Single version for our HMIS product and we deliver up gradation of purchased module free of cost to our clients as part of AMC. With Single version our maintainability and scalability would be better to maintain and other clients up gradation benefit we can able to transfer to another client and vice versa.

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Integrity :

System is design to integrate functional process-flow of multiple activities like Registration, Collection, Consultation, Investigations, Procedures, Instructions, and Vouchers etc.

Various Performance Analysis :

Various reports based on the performance monitoring like Doctor Performance for various parameters at given period, Bed Occupancy Ratio, OT Utilization Ratio, Investigations suggested for given period, Drug Brand prescribed for given period etc.

Consumption :

Integrity of Inventory with Investigations and Test Reports helps system to calculate online consumption of inventory for given test. User can generate average cost analysis and profitability ratios for given Test.

Single Order for multiple activities :

System facilitates the single window to generate multiple processes order allows creating activity cards for multiple in-pro

Forms & Formats:

User can dynamically design forms and formats of Medical Records, Pathology Tests, Radiology Test, Procedures, Discharge Summary etc. This gives option to re-format old forms and formats as and when required.


Configuration parameters are given for medical records, services, products and items, pathology reports, radiology reports, procedures and surgery, vouchers, duty schedules, image capturing devises, for calculation of charges of visits and stay, configuration for doctors’ shares etc. Entire application has a facility to configure required parameters by user hence dependency on vendor minimizes.


Multi Facility:

Solution supports multiple divisions and multiple hospitals under a corporate banner. Logical and physical facilities linked to divisions helps to flow transaction seamlessly to the divisions’ and corporate set of books.

Intelligent Resource Planning:

Allows an enterprise to build relationships between various activities and resources.

Event-driven Process Chain:

Connecting each function within the process and external process to generate event-driven tasks.

Transaction Security:

Provides lock facility for sensitive transaction. Locked transactions cannot be updated without permission.

Delegation of Authority and Responsibilities:

Based on organization structure authorities and responsibilities can be defined at each level of transaction.

External Factors:

Provides facility to customize rules, plans, forms & formats when government/external policy changes.


While increasing in size, hospital can rely on system to keep operating at the optimum level without changes and further customization.


Even at abnormal growth system will help in reducing transaction cost by controlling weighted growth of expense cost centers.

Delegation of Authority and Responsibilities:

Based on organization structure authorities and responsibilities can be defined at each level of transaction.


  • Real-time MIS / Dash board available to the top management.
  • Monitoring on Receipt/Payment and Receivable/Payables on ongoing basis.
  • Integration of Information across the departments and remote locations.
  • Resource requirement planning is online and generated immediately on request
  • Data integration between medical and commercial flow provides smooth functioning for information interchange.
  • Management can monitor financial flow of the hospital online due to extensive integration of financial functionality across the activities.
  • System generates system and transaction log to keep audit trial of system usage and user wise database transactions.
  • Over 1000+ reports to provide various level of functional and analytical information.


  • Integrated Data Model: Provides true integration capability over the entire enterprise system.
  • Multi-Integrity: Integration with office automation tools as well as office automation products to import/export data, email documents, capture document image, verify and authenticate identities etc.
  • Interfacing: We can provide machine interfacing with the system using communication port to pull or push data from/for external devices. We can also configure this solution with voice responding system and touch screen kiosk system.
  • Technology: We are investing sizable amount in R&D activities to provide latest technological advancements for delivery of effective business model. Architecture designed using multi-layer framework, can work with any interfacing tool to redesign presentation layer.
  • Data Security: Provides customized level encryption facility for sensitive data within database.
  • Entire Architecture: Modular approach with multi layer system architecture helps system to manage layer wise processing. Keep client thin; restrict direct access to database; restrict response time for transaction made from remote location.
  • System will work in local, remote and distributed communication environment.
  • Specially designed inherited controls to give speedy, easy and user-friendly data entry functionality.


  • Local Support: Being a local Support center we can provide local and quick support at the time of implementation as well as after sales.
  • Technical Support: Being a Technical Consultant rather than Implementation Consultant we provide single point communication for technical consultancy resulting into more effective solution.
  • Cost & Time Benefit: Because of the local support for technical and implementation consultation, organization will get benefit for reduction in both time and cost of implementation/customization.
  • Hospital will get – strong local support; faster response; reduction in overall implementation cost, time and other resource investment; simple implementation methodology; latest technology and local terminology.
  • Best training practices and support – onsite as well as off site.
  • Modular design enables modules to be implemented in a selective and stand alone manner, providing for greater flexibility to meet your needs while protecting investment and minimizing the impact of change.

About Telemedicine:

In 40 locations across India with about 7000 doctors empanelled for our different telemedicine services.

  • Tele consultation & Tele reporting could be provided from our base locations by our empanelled well qualified multi specialist doctors if needed.
  • The core upper boards of members are having more than 15 years of experience in running their own Multispecialty Hospitals, Diagnostics Centers, Rural Health Centers, and Rural Mobile Van etc.
We believe that with the advantages mentioned above we will be of great value and a prominent solution partner to you and will help you reach your goals within the planned timeline. Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of those we work with.


Modules & Feature List

  • ADT Module (Admit, Discharge, And Transfer)
    1. Patient Registration
    2. Admissions
    3. Transfers
    4. Discharges
    5. Casualty & Emergency
  • Patient Consultation – OPD And IPD
    1. Patient EMR
    2. Prescription
  • Nursing Care Desk
  • Electronic Medical Records Generation
  • Diet & Kitchen
  • Patient Inquiry Management
  • Employee Complaint Management
  • Patient Complaint Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Notice Board with Text & Attachment
  • Employee Task
  • Patient Task
  • IPD Package Management
  • Health Check up Management
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Radiology Information System
  • Procedure
  • Operation Theater
  • Doctor Sharing
  • Billing & Cash Counter
  • Corporate Billing
  • Stores & Purchase
    1. Main Stores
    2. Sub – Stores
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Dash board
  • Medical Record Department
  • HRMS
  • Asset Management & Maintenance
  • SMS & E Mail Integration
  • Bar-code Integration
  • Space Management
  • Software Security
  • Administration
  • User Management
  • License Management
  • Day Care Management
  • Estimate Management
  • Patient Feed Back System
  • Patient / Doctor Portal
  • Post follow up Discharge Management
  • MIS Report
  • Interfacing with Equipment

Patient Registration

  • Provides access to all patient registration procedures — normal, Revisits and Emergency
  • Patient Photo Registration
  • Patient Identification Number (UID (AADHAR)/CR No. / Organization specific No.) Use any one by default.
  • Auto Appointment Cancelation process.
  • Patient Photo Capturing
  • Patient ID card with Barcode
  • Patient Demographic Details
  • Assigning Consulting Doctor to Patient
  • OPD Visit and Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment reminder sent via SMS/Email to patient
  • Doctors can view Patient Appointment calendar
  • Admission
  • Admission Scheduling
  • Admission Note
  • Admission Check List
  • Admission Consent form
  • Caretaker photo facility
  • Indoor case Paper consist patient and care taker photo
  • Ward Facility Availability
  • Dynamic Display for Bed Status
  • Room / Ward Booking for Patient
  • Dependant Bed Facility
  • Admission Confirm/ Cancel
  • Newborn Admissions will be carried out based on Mother baby linkage
  • Booking facility on Doctor Wise / Specialty wise
  • Includes scheduled and Emergency Admissions and Patient Inquires
  • Enter and Update Admissions and Demographic Data into the system
  • Patient Belt— Barcode
  • Service Ordering
  • Viewing of Stay Information for a Patient
  • IPD Attachment


  • Two Variants in Discharge: Discharge and Proceed For Discharge
  • Discharge Summary
  • Normal Summary
  • Death Summary
  • Transfer Summary
  • Discharge check list
  • Allow Discharge Approval Department wise
  • In case of proceed for discharge, Discharge patient at Exit(security) Level
    Post Discharge follow up


  • Ability to transfer patients between Beds and Wards
  • Move Patient between Beds and Wards (Both Beds Occupied)
  • Bed Swapping Facility
  • Transfer Check List

Billing and Cash Counter

  • IPD Package creation
  • Health Check-up plan
  • Health Card
  • Automatic billing with manual overrides
  • Discounting and subsidy
  • Service Wise Discounting
  • Patient receipt managed in 3 ways (1) Cash (2) Credit and (3) Settle against Deposit
  • Corporate and Insurance billing as per negotiated rates
  • Co-pay facility
  • Refund to patient, facility available against validation and verification of patients clinical transactions
  • For cashless patients cash bill can be generated if “Noncash less” flag is selected
  • For Cashless Patients, in case of Not Applicable Services” Cash bill is generated and for “Applicable
  • Services” Credit bill is generated separately pop up massage display for same service in same day for same patient.
  • Multi Mode of Payment for IP Patient.
  • Multiple mode of Payment can be configuring.
  • Credit Card Charges Configuration.
  • Credit card charges can be collect from patient separately.
  • In-patient bill monitoring
  • Cashless Approval
    1  Need Approval Functionality
    2 Amount Base Approval Functionality
  • Accepting patient’s payment as Deposit with transaction locking facility
  • Viewing of receipts
  • Bill printing and reprinting
  • Cashless discount reflect in invoice with configuration facility
  • Hospital can configure refund threshold limit for cash above limit it will auto cheque refund
  • Consultation fee can be taken on
    1. First consultation
    2 free Follow-up
    3 Follow-up consultation
  • Free consultation days can be configure specialty wise
  • Cash collection reports
  • Cashless flow for
  • Insurance
  • Government Schemes
  • Corporate Clients
  • Charity/NGO/Trust/School

Patient Consultation

      a) Outpatient
  • Viewing Scheduled Patient for the Day
  • Vaccination chart
  • Recording Medical Observation and Records of Patient Consultation
  • Capturing Patient’s data, document scanning and storage facility
  • Order Communication
  • Laboratory and Radiology Investigation Request
  • Procedure and Clinical Service Request
  • Drug Prescription
  • Regional Language Support for Prescription/Treatment Advise
  • Special Alerts to Consultant
  • Browsing Medical History and Investigation Results
  • Interfacing of Patient Calling System for Consultation
  • Order set link with Doctor wise/ Specialty wise / Diseases Wise
  • In OPD Consultation show Images, that can be explain to the patient with the doctor’s comment/Edit on the image.
      b) Inpatient
  • Viewing Inpatient with Locations
  • Viewing Patient Out standing
  • Recording Medical Observation and Records of Patient Consultation
  • Order Communication

i) Laboratory and Radiology Investigation
ii) Request
iii) Procedure and Clinical
iv) Service Request
v) Instructions to Nurses
vi) Preparing / Revise Treatment order sheet

  • Drug Prescription
  • Admission Note
  • Regional Language Support for Prescription/Treatment Advise
  • Browsing Medical History and Investigation Results
  • Preparing Discharge Summaries
  • Issuing various types of Certificates such as Fitness, Leave, Birth, Death etc
  • Post follow up Discharge
  • Adverse Occurrence

Radiology Information System (RIS)

  • Templates stored in Microsoft Word format.
  • Other than Radiologist, Reports can be only viewed in .pdf format
  • Integration with PACS
  • Radiology Order Processing
  • Result Verification & Reporting
  • Film Consumption
  • Scheduling of Appointment
  • Technician or Radiologist can view previous report to compare with current report.

Diet and Kitchen

  • Doctors / Nurse can suggest Diet Category like Liquid Food. Solid Food, Semi-Solid Food. Diet Food etc
  • Diet Package / Menu plan available under 8 heads (Bed Tea, Break Fast,Healthy Drinks, Lunch, Snacks, Juice, Dinner, Milk)
  • Weekly / Monthly Menu can be configured by diet category wise
  • Special Screen for Dietitian
  • Patient Likes and Dislikes Recorded
  • Dietitian can view Patients Key Health Indicators, Drugs, Lab Results,Input /Output Investigations etc. and prescribes Diet for Patient Online
  • Dietitian reviews diet prescribed by the consultants – approve or amends
  • Diet details and calories
  • Diet KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) for all Patients
  • Generation of Sticker Sheet for Patient Diet including Patient Name, Ordered
  • Food and Bed /Ward as per Diet KOT
  • Nurse Entry Screen for recording Food Issued Timings to Patient

Nursing Care Desk

  • Accessing all the Patients at a Particular Nursing Station
  • Patient Progress Recording & Monitoring
  • Nursing Assessment with Approval Management
  • Fall Risk & Pain Assessment in Nursing sheet at massage to consulting doctor and display on dashboard.
  • Drug Administration and Recording
  • Viewing and processing Doctors Orders
  • Treatment Sheet
  • Nursing Notes
  • Vital Chart
  • Intake and Output Recording (Fluid Chart)
  • Viewing Archived Records and Investigation Reports
  • Bed Transfer
  • Braden Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment
  • Nursing Sub Store Management
  • Discharge Intimation
  • OT Schedule Request
  • Diet Order

Stores & Inventory Management

  • Supports Main Store & Multiple Sub Stores
  • ABC Analysis categorized by Lead Time, Consumption, Criticality.
  • Various type of parameter can pass for item master such as product type, purchase & Sales
  • Content & Instruction can be stored.
  • Tax Configuration (GST)
  • Stock Calculation on Period basis (Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)
  • Stock Verification
  • Items can be mapped for each store
  • Purchase Requisition , Indent, Purchase Order Requisition, Approval Audit
  • Rate Contract
  • Purchase Order preparation with necessary information related item
  • Consignee Management
  • Gate Pass
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Goods QC
  • Goods Receipt Note Cancel
  • Work order PO
  • Work Order Approval
  • Work Order Audit
  • Work Order Cancel (Force fully close)
  • Work order Receipt Note
  • Work Order Receipt Approval
  • Service Receipt
  • Online Bill Approval by concern HODs
  • Purchase Bill Passing with Credit Period Terms
  • Purchase Return
  • Stock Valuation Process
  • Item Issue against Requisition
  • Inter godown Transfer Approval
  • Supplier bill Status
  • Standard Terms & Condition for Purchase Order
  • Item Issue to Employee
  • Item Issued to Patient (for Bed Side)
  • Item Return From Patient
  • Item Return From Employee
  • Inventory Control tool Like MUSIC 3D
  • Reorder Level report based on item consumption, Lead Time & MUSIC -3D Approach.
  • GST Reports
  • Various Decision Support & Analytical Report.
  • Document Attachment Facility at Purchase order Level.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

  • Employee Records (Internal)
  • Employee Records (External)
  • Recruitment Process
  • Document Management (Scanning and Storage) for Employee related documents, Photo, Certificates etc.
  • Parameterized Allowances, Deductions & Salary Process
  • Attendance Administration
  • Family photograph attachment facility
  • Vaccination details of employee.
  • Online Leave, Tour, Permission Request & Approval,
  • Shift Change Permission and Approval
  • Current month Supplementary Salary Allowance and Deduction based on the previous month’s gross salary
  • Option for exclusion of concerned allowance from gross salary for various calculation i.e. previous month allowance/deduction etc
  • Arrears Calculation i.e. DA Arrears, P.F Arrears automatically for all employees or based on the category of the employee
  • Over Time Management i.e. Overtime Request, Overtime Approval, Allowance or Compensatory Off choosing option against OT
  • Configuration Screen for Overtime for dynamically configuring OT at
  • Single rate, OT at double rate, OT calculation based on allowances category wise
  • Related Allowance calculation depending on Over Time allowance
  • CSV report PF Upload
  • Dual Method for Basic Salary upload-Via Excel File & via System defined interface
  • Dynamic Investment Declaration Form as per Govt Norms for TDS Calculation
  • Special Reports for Government Departments
  • Employee Leave Verification
  • Doctor on Leave request and approval
  • Loan and LIC Administration linked to Pay slip
  • PF Reports such as Form 3A, BA, 12A, Form 5, Form 10 and more
  • Social Benefit Administration
  • Separation Process
  • Supplementary Allowance/Deduction based on previous month Salary
  • Biometrics Device Interfacing for Auto Punch of Attendance

Patient Inquiry and Customer Care


  • Recording of all Patient Inquiries, Services provided by Hospital
  • Easy Follow-up Database for all Inquiries
  • Follow-up Screen for Telecallers, Status update, Next Schedule Date, Confirmed or Lost
  • If Inquiry Status is confirmed and set for Patient Arrived, Patient CR No. is mapped.
  • MIS data on Patient Inquiry available, Conversion Ratio (No. of Inquires vs Actual Admission)


  • Patient Complaint Register— Customer Care Officer registers patient/relative complaints
  • Service / Department/ Staff Name is captured in the complaint
  • Complaint Email/SMS to respective Dept. Head
  • Patient Feedback Register— Feedback form received from patient can be entered into CCM module
  • Customer Feed / Complaint Analysis — Customer Satisfaction
  • Complaint Solution or Response Register.
  • Address Directory for Marketing

License Management

  • Reports and Reminder for Renewal of License before time
  • Recording of all hospital licenses with License Name, Type, Issuing Authority, Department etc.
  • Reports and Reminder for Renewal of License before time


  • Hospital Master
  • Configuration
  • Map Dashboard
  • Patient Task
  • General Notice
  • Employee Task
  • Audit Trail
  • User’s Log in Details
  • Hospital Creation
  • Hospital Module

Interfacing with Equipments (Optional)

  • Billing unit with Swap Card for Credit Card Transactions
  • Time and Attendance Recording Systems with Bio-metrics, Scanners, Swap Cards etc.
  • Lab Equipment / Analyzers for Direct Transfer of Results to Repots
  • Bar Code, Smart Card, RFID, Biometric etc.
  • FDA, Mobile Devices and Tablet PC
  • Digital Display Boards for Patient Calling System
  • Nurse Calling System of Nursing Station
  • PACS

SMS/E-Mail Configuration

  • User configurable SMS/Email Screen
  • Time based and Event based SMS/Email firing
  • Number of SMS recipient configured dynamically
  • More than 150 types of messages on different transactions of OPD, IPD, Inventory etc.
  • DND option for patients in SMS
  • Concerned reports for SMS and E-Mail
  • Parameters to be passed in SMS/E-Mail are user selective based on configuration
  • SMS for Management can be configured.

Dashboard Feature

  • Dynamically configurable dashboard for upper management as well as concerned user.
  • More than 130 types of dashboards for all the modules i.e. Notice, Birthday, License, Leave Status, Suppliers Outstanding, Top ten doctor wise collections, LOS etc.
  • User wise visibility of Dashboard Option.
  • Data analysis/viewing/interpretation with respect to different types of charts i.e. Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, Line Chart etc
  • Quickly changeable point of view from general to detailed.

Notice Board

  • User configurable highly interactive notice board feature for displaying the notice electronically instead of the traditional wall hard copy notices
  • Triple mode for notice display- Text, Attachment, Text & Attachment
  • Option for attaching and displaying files with different formats (i.e. .doc, .pdf, .xls, .csv, .txt etc) with the introduction text.
  • Department wise, Category wise and User wise visibility of the put on Notices.
  • Day wise and time wise ―Duration for Display‖ feature for providing ―Auto Closing of the notices when the set time expires.
  • Notification pop-up on the dashboard of the users for the unread notices
  • Summary and detail report for the notices-department wise, category wise and user wise

Patient / Doctor Portal

Non Register Patient
  • Doctors Appointment – Normal Appointment
  • Health Checkup Appointment –
  • Direct Appointment – Patho/Radio/Procedure
  • Cancel Appointment
Patient Portal
  • Appointment
    • Doctor
    • Health Check UP
    • Investigation
  • Patient Can see their Intermediate bill
  • Patient Can See their Final bill
  • Discharge Summary
  • Print out Receipts for various Transaction
  • View Reports
    • Pathology
    • Radiology
    • Procedure
  • Patient Task
  • Dashboard Configuration
  • Various Pathology Report on trend base i.e. RBS, S. Creatinine etc.
  • Change Password
  • Advance Settlement Report
  • Patient Transaction Report
Doctor Portal
  • Current Admitted Patient
  • Doctor Wise IPD Register
  • Patient EMR (Medical Hx, Discharge Summary)
  • View Doctor Sharing
  • View OT Schedule
  • View Appointment Schedule
  • View Treatment Order Sheet
  • View Book/ OT/ Ward

SMS for Management Features

  1. Admission/Confirm
  2. Advance Receipt
  3. Advance Refund
  4. Bill Passing
  5. Cheque Print
  6. Daily Receipt Summary
  7. Discharge
  8. Donation
  9. IPD Limit

Dashboard Features

  1. Appointments
  2. Pending Leaves
  3. Calendar
  4. Collection
  5. Registration
  6. Patho Radio Procedure Count
  7. TAT
  8. Refresh Interval
  9. License Expiry Details
  10. Top Doctors
  11. Patho Radio Procedure Collection & Status
  12. Notice Board
  13. Employee Probation
  14. Patient Admission & Discharge
  15. Employee Training
  16. Average Admission And Discharge
  17. Billing After Discharge
  18. Average Transaction Per Day
  19. Top Suppliers Outstanding
  20. Inventory
  21. Transaction Summary
  22. Top Corporate Outstanding
  23. IPD Admitted Patient Outstanding
  24. Today’s Birthday
  25. Average OPD Registration
  26. MIS Daily Report Top Service
  27. Average Admission Stay
  28. Average Length Of Stay in Ward

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Patient health information including demographics
  • Progress Notes
  • Problems
  • Medications
  • Vital Signs
  • Past Medical History
  • Immunizations
  • Administrative System Data
  • Laboratory System Data
  • Radiology System Reports
  • Pharmacy System Data Clinical Documentation
  • Ability to generate a complete record of clinical patient encounter, as well as supporting other care related activities directly or in-directly via interface.
  • EHR enable the administrator to obtain data for billing, Physician to see trends in the effectiveness of treatments, a nurse to report an adverse reaction and Researcher to analyze
  • Doctor wise dynamic Medical Record generation facility

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

  • Administrative and Clinic Management Reports
  • Configurable Test
    • Test Name
    • Faculty to which it belongs to
    • Test wise container defined
    • Re-agent used
    • Deviation ranges for panic high/ low etc.
    • Formula base test.
    • Multicolumn base test.
  • Test request can be raised from OPD and Wards.
  • Sample Collection with Barcode Generation
  • Configuration based on Sample Collection, Dispatch &Acknowledgement
  • Complete Specimen tracking
  • Test Results captured with machine interface and authorization facility
  • Cumulative result check and parallel multiple approval/verification
  • Report indication using deviation data
  • Test Repeat facility (In case of container breakage, sample haemolysed,
  • missing, re-run).
  • Sample Dispatched to Patient Report delivered, tracking by Barcode.
  • Patient test Trends and Co-relation graphs.
  • Test note, Interpretation & Remarks can be configured by Test Report wise
  • and Test name wise.
  • Multiple Reference range can be configured for numeric Report
  • Technician and Pathologist Can view patient Indoor History
  • Digital Signature can be configured Faculty wise
  • Sub value test can be configured i.e. CBC Absolute Count Value


  • Templates stored in Microsoft Word format.
  • Other than performing doctors, Reports can be only viewed in .pdf format.
  • Same Procedure can be assign multiple time and consolidated report can be generate.
  • procedure Approval by doctor so that doctor performance and doctor sharing can be tracked
  • Procedure before and after photo can be store

Operation Theatre (O.T)

  • Option for Multiple Surgery for same patient in same OT
  • Standardization of each surgical procedure.
  • OT charges calculated on Surgery wise/Anesthesia type wise hourly rates
  • Surgery mapped with Surgery grade facility.
  • OT Scheduler for Scheduling, Cancellation, Re-scheduling of surgical procedure
  • Pre Surgery Checklist for Clinical Clearance
  • General Anesthesia/ Regional Anesthesia Consent
  • Pre operative Medical Evaluation
  • Pre Operative Check List with two level approval.
  • Pre Surgery checklist for clinical clearance
  • Surgical Safety check list
  • Patient Identification Chart
  • Aldrete Score Card with Approval
  • Surgery Record for capturing & archiving Operations details, personnel involved during surgery.
  • Captures and keep tracks of medical equipments associated with operation.
  • Recording of all materials and pharmacy issues to the patient during procedure
  • Captures Diagnosis, pre / post operative and surgery notes.
  • Built-in templates to capture information and allows to design user, need specific templates.
  • Anesthesia note parameterized including Surgeon’s Pre-Operative Notes Operative Consent Surgeon’s
  • Post-Operative Note
  • Surgery Before and after photo capture facility
  • Anesthesia progress note available with OT vital detail represented in progress graphs
  • Alerts for allocated dates /time of specific resource previously scheduled
  • Generation of pre-surgery list, consent forms etc.
  • Captures the Pre-Intra-Post operative notes
  • Generates activity / efficiency reports related to OT


  • Defining Stock Levels for Various Items
  • Sales Invoicing Cash, Credit & Cashless
  • Online Stock Status (Batch-wise) during Sales
  • View last 10 bills and last 10 times sales
  • Control Over Expiry/ Breakage
  • Drug Expiry and Expiry Aging Report
  • Non-moving, Slow-moving and Fast-moving Drugs Reports
  • Prescription wise Sales
  • Substitute wise Sales
  • At the time sales user can mark item for reorder.
  • pharmacy sales can be done thru barcode.
  • Barcode Reprint
  • Multiple PO Creation process
  • Multiple Purchase return process
  • Narcotics / Sch-Xindication to check Prescription
  • Profitability report
  • Purchase Sales Profitability report

a.) date wise sales and purchase
b.)item Category wise

  • sales and return in single report (Patient wise): in sales register
  • GST Report in Excel
  • Current Stock as on time Sales Return
  • Verification of purchase rates by Admin user
  • Supports all Tax Structures including GST
  • Various Analytical Reports on Sales & Return.
  • Purchase & Sales can be configured for Expiry.

Finance & Accounting

Accounts Receivable
  • Maintenance Of Debtors
  • Generation Of Receipts
  • Generation Of Various Receivable Reports
  • Reminder Letters for Cheque Returns
Accounts Payable
  • Maintenance Of Bills Payable
  • Generation of Payment Vouchers
  • Generation of Refund Vouchers
  • Merge Payment for Cheque
  • Cheque Printing
  • Generation Of Various Payable Reports
  • FAS Group / Ledger Generation
  • FAS Group / Ledger can be change in Annual Report Format.
  • Voucher Entry
  • Generation Of Various General Ledger Related Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Multiple Adjustments
  • Write Off Vouchers
  • Debit / Credit Note
  • Voucher Type Wise Security
  • Debit /Credit note for IPD Patient Amount Management
  • Day Books Reports (Cash / Bank Books With Summary, Debit/ Credit Note Registers With Summary)
  • Cash & Bank Positions Reports (With Summary)
  • Consolidated Sub Ledgers
  • Consolidated General Ledgers
  • Consolidated Trial Balance
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Debtors/Creditors Aging Report
  • Adjustment Reports
  • Profit & Loss for Given Period
  • Balance Sheet

Roaster Management

  • Duty Schedule for Doctors
  • Dual Method for Duty Scheduling-Via Excel File & via System defined interface.
  • Duty Schedule for Nursing Staff
  • Duty Schedule for Clinical and Non-clinical Staff
  • Schedule Printing
  • Shift Change Request and its approval.

Asset Management System

  • Exhaustive Asset Details, Copy Facility Of Asset Details
  • Capitalization Of Assets
  • Lease, Hire-Purchase, Insurance, Allotment, AMC Details, Shift Details
  • Multiple Levels Of Location For Asset
  • Transfer Of Asset with Approval.
  • Asset condemnation request and approval


  • Design Maintenance Plan for Equipments
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Equipment Break-down Maintenance Registration
  • Allocation of Maintenance job to Employee/Contractor
  • Maintenance Log and Status Report

Medical Record Department

  • Uploads Scanned Records (Referral letters, Treatment notes, Medical etc.)
  • File In/ Out for OP/IP
  • Reports and reminder for submission of Notifiable diseases
  • Patient Analytics
  • MRD file Request & Approval.
  • MRD Checklist
  • MRD File pending Report
  • If the record is not returned in 3 days SMS should be given, reminder should be set and dashboard should reflect such things.

Software Security

  • Various levels of security
  • Module Unit configuration
  • Module Report Configuration
  • User Category Generation with mapping Units and Reports.
  • User Master
  • User base Module rights
  • Blocking the user
  • Allowing the user to change password

Complaint Management (Patient & Employee)

  • Patient and employee complaint tracking process covering five stages- Pending, Assigned, Attended, Resolved, Closed
  • Message alert for each stage to be sent to Patients/Employees based on configuration.
  • Assigned Department wise screen for complaints in the dashboard
  • Multiple Reports i.e. Complaint Department wise complaint count, Assigned Department wise complaint count, Complaint detail report, Report for complaint not being solved in particular time period with configurable ranges

Other Features

  • Contact book with SMS facility
  • Patient Feedback system
  • User wise / Denomination wise collection
  • Special Service Settlement
  • Patient Estimate
  • Out Source Lab Rate management
  • Patient photo registration
  • Day Care Shift Master
  • Day Care Ward Booking
  • Day care Service Reg
  • Day Care Discharge Summary
  • Doctor Share Process

Visitors Management

  • Visitor management module designed to fully automate every step of the process
  • Save time by preregistering visitors and assigning arrival and departure information
  • Proper monitoring of the visitor on the screen and capturing IN & OUT time and number of hours spent visitor wise.
  • Sign unlimited visitors in/out concurrently on multiple screens
  • Manage and automatically send host notifications when a visitor arrive
  • Visitors search by Visit Code, Visitors Name, Company Name & Mobile Number
  • System generated Visitor Pass with visitors photo for future identification and emergency cases
  • Dynamically configurable fields as per the organizations structure and visit intensity
  • Reports for number of visitors –Visit Department wise, Employee wise, Company wise etc.
  • Summary and detail reports of visitors record
  • Hence, replaces the legacy paper based visitors log

Type of SMS Features

  1. Admission/Confirm
  2. Advance Receipt
  3. Advance Refund
  4. Appointment Cancellation
  5. Appointment Registration
  6. Appointment Reminder Days
  7. Appointment Reminder Hours
  8. Appointment Reschedule
  9. Appointment Transfer
  10. Bed Vacant
  11. Bill Passing
  12. Cheque Print
  13. Common Messages
  14. Daily Receipt Summary
  15. Discharge
  16. Discharge Expire
  17. Discharge Transfer
  18. Donation
  19. Drs. Admitted Patient Visit
  20. Drs. Next Day Appointment Reminder
  21. Drs. OT Reminder
  22. Employee Complaint
  23. H.CheckUp Appointment Cancellation
  24. H.CheckUp Appointment Registration
  25. H.CheckUp Appointment Reschedule
  26. Health Check Up
  27. IPD Limit
  28. OPD Credit Bill Receipt
  29. OPD Refund
  30. OPD Registration
  31. OPD Registration Receipt
  32. OPD Test Receipt
  33. OPD Test Refund
  34. Patho/Radio/Proc
  35. Pathology Appointment Cancellation
  36. Pathology Appointment Registration
  37. Pathology Appointment Reschedule
  38. Pathology Test Repeat
  39. Patient Bed Transfer
  40. Patient Complaint
  41. Patient Photo Registration
  42. Portal Patient Appointment
  43. Procedure Appointment Cancellation
  44. Procedure Appointment Registration
  45. Procedure Appointment Reschedule
  46. Process for Discharge
  47. Radiology Appointment Cancellation
  48. Radiology Appointment Registration
  49. Radiology Appointment Reschedule
  50. Test Report
  51. Braden pressure Ulcer Massage
  52. Pain & Fall Risk Management
  53. Average Length Of Stay in Ward
  54. OPD Count & Collection
  55. Requisition Audit & Approval
  56. Indent Audit & Approval
  57. Pathology Abnormal Test Result Detail
  58. Employee 1 Year Completion
  59. IPD Admitted Patient Chart
  60. IPD Count & Collection
  61. Discharge Patient List
  62. Gender Wise OPD Visit Count
  63. OPD Visit Age Distribution
  64. OPD Visit By Specialty
  65. Cast or Religion Wise Patient Registration
  66. New Patient OPD and IPD Last 12 Months
  67. Top Prescribed Items
  68. Discharge Type Wise Patient Count
  69. Top Fast and Slow Moving Items by Amount or Qty
  70. Top ICD Code / Diagnosis
  71. Top Notifiable Diseases
  72. Patient Classification
  73. Bed Occupancy
  74. Patient Feedback Category
  75. Patient Retention Analysis
  76. Supplier Rejected Analysis
  77. Category Wise Rejected Analysis
  78. Braden Scale
  79. Fall Risk Assessment
  80. Pain Level
  81. Document Pending
  82. Purchase rate (High / Low)